Color Therapy for Today Green & Emerald

No matter what has been going on in this world, the outside in nature has been preparing for Spring. I started seeing all trees and flowers are ready for blooming soon.
Green revitalizes your envois system, heart, circulatory system, and liver, lowering blood pressure, and releasing frustration and anger.
Meditation and healing are enhanced by Green, which also stimulates growth and is good for healing broken bones.
Surround anyone who is unwell with Green.
Absorb Green rays to revitalize your nervous system and heart.
*** Revitalize ***
Focus on flooding your nervous system with Green rays of light. Direct the light throughout your whole spine before moving it into your heart. 
Then rotate this Green light around your heart until you feel heart expand, relax and fill up with vitality.

The word you might want to say is

..."Divine Intelligence, please release all the pressure and stress from my heart and nervous system, landfill me up with your healing, revitalizing Green light."...



Emerald helps with overcoming fears, releasing frustration, and creating calm. Use this color to bring harmony to challenging situations, dissolve aggression, and mend a broken heart. Emerald also increase self-esteem, attracts abundance, and replenishes your energy.

Calm your mind, body and soul with Emerald rays

*** Calm ***

Go into a garden and take deep breaths of fresh air as you focus on the greenery all around you. Place your hands on the grass to feel the healing, calming energy it contains.

Imagine what it would be like to be a blade of grass, growing without resistance.

Breathe in its Emerald rays, allowing peace and calm to flow though you.

The word you might want to say is

...."Divine Love, I rejoice in the wonder on nature,

Every time I focus on the greenery around me., I feel calm, perfect balance and harmony"....



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