Celebrate your life

May is such a beautiful season with all tree's turning into beautiful light green and they look so fresh with a contrast of the beautiful sky. 

Hope you are all doing well. Since we won't be able to celebrate as the normal way for the graduation ceremony, commencement and wedding. I have been thinking about "celebration".

It is funny when we have someone who organizes the whole process of the event for celebration, we don't think that much. But this year, our May is all blank and no one will organize it for you. Each of us has a white canvas in our front of us and we are the one who creates own celebration ceremony for your loving one.

What would you do? When we start thinking of it, we realize we don't need that much. When we look up the sky, we know we have everything here. The fresh air, wind, sun, trees, family, friends and nothing else we need more than our health.

So we should celebrate especially this season, this year for everything we have now, and also we should celebrate all precious lives for people who couldn't survive with corona virus, who were not able to have funeral for saying good bye to their family and friends. Sending my deep sympathy and condolence to you if you are the one who lost your loving one..

Life is the celebration. We will always want to remember. 

Peace & Love for your fashion,



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